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North Lincoln Fire & Rescue District #1 is committed to providing

quality emergency services through the efforts of its dedicated personnel.



You can contact the office by email 

or at the phone number below .

Contact Information:


Bob Everest Station 1400

2525 NW Highway 101, Lincoln City

PO Box 200, Lincoln City, OR 97367

Phone:  541-996-2233

Fax:  541-996-5344

Open Monday through Friday (8am to 5pm)

Christmas Food Baskets and Toy Delivery
Applications are now available at the following Lincoln City locations:

North Lincoln Fire & Rescue Hippie Store       To print an
2525 NW Highway 101 Lincoln City Elks #1886       application,
(Since we are closed to the 2850 NE Highway 101       CLICK HERE.
public at this time, please ring
the bell and someone will bring North Lincoln Eagles 2576
you the application.  You can fill  737 SW 32nd Street
it out and slide it through the slot
at the front door.)
You can no longer pick up an
application or drop it off at the
St.Clair/Taft Station.

Please make sure the application is filled out completely, 
both pages; don't forget your signature on the second page.

Deadline for submitting your application
is on Monday December 7th

Delivery will be on Saturday December 19th
(Someone must be home from 9am to 1pm 
or no delivery will be made.)

now allowed within the boundaries
of North Lincoln Fire & Rescue District
as of October 13, 2020.

(except within Lincoln City - no burning)

You must have a current Burn Permit
Go to our burn permit tab (top right) or call our office
at (541)996-2233 for assistance.
For information about CERT, 
what it is and how you can become involved,
click "here".
We are currently accepting applicants 
for Volunteer Firefighter.  
Click on the "Volunteer" tab above.
Virtual Fill-the-Boot


Every day, children are born with muscular dystrophy and adults are diagnosed with ALS and other life-threatening diseases that take away their most basic freedoms—like walking, talking, eating, hugging, and ultimately life itself.


For more than sixty years, fire fighters have been Filling the Boot on street corners raising money to help MDA fight back. The money raised will help children and adults in our community, and will also help support innovative research to change the future for people with neuromuscular disease.


With traditional Fill the Boot drives on hiatus, we are counting on your support through the virtual Fill the Boot campaign during these challenging times.

Here is the link where you can make your donation through North Lincoln Fire:


Thank you for your donation!


The annual Awards Banquet was cancelled due to COVID-19. 
The following awards were presented to each member individually.

Officer of the Year - Captain Dave Moormon
Rookie of the Year - Firefighter Ken Banner
Chief's Award - Division Chief Dave McKee
Firefighter of the Year - Firefighter Steven Kha
Support Team Award - Marc McPherson

Years of Service
5 Years - Matt Diaz / Eric Maestas
10 Years - Nathan Tuttle
15 Years - Pauline Morrison / Lois Smith
30 Years - Dennis Knudson / Rob Dahlman
Officer of the Year - Dave Moorman
Rookie of the Year - Ken Banner
Chief's Award - Dave McKee
Support Team of the Year - Marc McPherson
EMS of the Year - Brian Nordyke
Firefighter of the Year - Steven Kha
North Lincoln Fire & Rescue District #1 complies
with the Oregon Public Records Law ORS 192.410-192.505.

(please print the form, fill it out, and mail or deliver it to us at:
Mail:  PO Box 200, Lincoln City, OR 97367
Deliver:  2525 NW Hwy 101, Lincoln City
If you have questions about the procedure, call us at 541-996-2233.

Prepare your home or business
in the event of a wildfire

Several Lincoln County agencies partnered together to prepare community members, business owners,and visitors about our local wildfire threat and response procedures. 
Several educational sessions took place recently around the county. on one of the following to view information...

Beach Safety Guide

Learn about Sneaker Waves, Beach Logs, High Tides & Waves, Rip Currents,

Cliff Dangers, Tsunamis, Sand Collapses

J. A. W. S.

(Just Add Water Safety)


>>>  click here to view brochure  <<<