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North Lincoln Fire & Rescue District #1 is committed to providing
quality emergency services through the efforts of its dedicated personnel.

Now Accepting Volunteer Firefighter Applications

for Fall 2015 Recruit Academy

Applications for Volunteer Firefighters will be accepted beginning in March 2015 for the Fall 2015 Recruit Academy.  The Academy will begin in September and will meet on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and an occasional Saturday.  The classes will end in January 2016.

If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer Firefighter for North Lincoln Fire & Rescue, please contact us at 541-996-2233.  This is a great way to serve your community.

NLFR Board of Directors
In 2014, two board members resigned (Jack Robben & Bryce Spence). 
We wish to thank them both for their years of service to the District. 
Bryce Spence passed away on March 5, 2015; he will be missed.

We now have two new board members: Tim Beatty & Jamie Wright.
Both Tim and Jamie were with the District for many years prior to the merger.

The Board now consists of the following:
Ron Woodard, President
Carol Smith, Vice-President
Danny Curler, Secretary/Treasurer
Tim Beatty, Direcor
Jamie Wright, Director

Beginning in January 2015, board meetings will be on the 2nd Wednesday each month.
NLFR members, as well as members of the community are invited to attend. 
Location:  Taft Station at 6:00 p.m.
January 14, 2015
February 11, 2015
March 11, 2015
April 8, 2015 (following the Budget Committee Meeting)
May 13, 2015 (following the Budget Hearing)
June 10, 2015

2014 Awards Banquet

(held on 2/21/2015)

Years of Service

5 Years - Mike Skiles /Shawn Carter

10 Years - Pauline Morrison / Lois Smith

20 Years - Chief Don Baker

25 Years - Rob Dahlman / Todd King / Dennis Knudson

Safety Award - Steve Allen

Support Services Award - Bob Middleton

Maintenance Award - Khrystal & Jason Jones-Myers

Top Responders

Station 1200 - Tim Shepard

Station 1300 - Bob Schroeder

Station 1400 - Dennis Knudson

Station 1500 - Doug Strange

Station 1600 - Chris DeLong

Station 1700 - Ken Brown

Rookie of the Year - Tim Shepard

Officer of the Year - Loren Nordyke

Rescuer of the Year - Cory Seeto

Chiefs' Award - Dave Moorman

Firefighter of the Year - Jeff Cutler

Recruit Graduates
NLFR Chaplain Pauline Morrison
Maintenance Award - Khrystal & Jason
Todd King - 25 Years of Service !!
Safety Award - Steve Allen
Top Responders: Chris DeLong, Ken Brown, Tim Shepard
T.Shepard, J.Cutler, L.Nordyke, B.Middleton, D.Moorman, C.Seeto

Annual Firefighter's

Ham Dinner

The  2015 Ham Dinner was held on Sunday, February 15th. 

The Chairman of this year's event, Mike Skiles, reported that

attendance was up 10% this year.  Thank you to all who attended

and had a great dinner.  And...thank you to all the volunteers

and staff who helped!

2015 Recruit Graduation

The following Recruit Academy students graduated from the Academy.   

A graduation ceremony was held on January 27, 2015.

Kenneth Banner, Danielle Clanton, Eli Davis,

Jack LeDoux, Eric Maestas, Matt Peabody,

Julia Smith, Crystal Stanton, Daniel Stuebgen,

Jerame White, Chris Winn

The Recruits voted and chose Crystal Stanton as the Most Improved Recruit;

Danielle Clanton was chosen as the Top Recruit. 

Congratulations to all who graduated. 

2015 Recruit Academy Graduates
Crystal Stanton - Most Improved Recruit
Danielle Clanton - Top Recruit
Graduates with Class Project

Extrication Drill

2014 and earlier:

2014 Christmas Party

Thanks to all who helped with the annual Christmas Party

that was held on December 13th...from planning and

decorating, bringing food, and cleaning up afterwards!

A big thank you to Chairman Al Longworth!


2014 Food & Toy Delivery

The annual food & toy delivery was held on Saturday,

December 20th.  Firefighters can always be counted on

to do what is needed....rain or shine. 

And it was definitely raining that morning!

Kudos to Chairman David Bickerdyke for making sure

everything got taken care of!  Plus...all of his helpers!


Firefighters Food Drive was held last month.

2014 Halloween Party - Lots of fun was had by all who attended.

Even "The Hulk" made an appearance! 

Thanks to all who helped with the party!

2014 MDA Fill-the-Boot Drive

$18,000 collected August 30-31 Thanks to all who volunteered their time to help Jerry’s Kids!

2013 Awards Banquet - February 2014

Presentation of Badges

Richard Ascherl, Dan Clanton, Christina Dornner, Tye England, Steel Henderson, Michael Kort, Christopher McGauley, Ryan Schlecht, Tim Shepard, Sandra Briggs, Jake Mellander.

Presentation of Years of Service Pins

5 Years:  David Bickerdyke, Nathan Biel, Al Longworth, Brian Nordyke, Loren Nordyke, Erin Robertson
10 Years:  Ken Brown, Chris DeLong
30 Years:  Doug Kerr, Dave Moorman

Safety Award:
 Chief Don Baker

Maintenance Recognition Awards:  Wally Brown, Al Longworth
Support Services Award:  Todd  King
Maintenance Recognition Awards:  Wally Brown, Al Longworth
Support Services Award:  Todd  King
Maintenance Recognition Awards:  Wally Brown, Al Longworth
Support Services Award:  Todd  King

Top Responders:

Station 1200 – Al Longworth
Station 1300 – Jason Jones-Myers
Station 1400 – Darren Hussey
Station 1500 – Doug Strange
Station 1600 – Dave Moorman
Station 1700 – Ken Brown

Community Service Awards:

Steve & Carissa Prewitt
Depoe Bay Rural Fire Protection District
Nestucca Rural Fire Protection District
Sue Graves – Lincoln School District
Diane Kusz – Tanger Outlet
Lincoln City Police Department
North Lincoln County CERT
Mo’s Restaurant
Chinook Winds Casino Resort
Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office
Lincoln County Emergency Management

Rookie of the Year:
  Rochelle Toon

Officer of the Year:
  Chris DeLong

Rescuer of the Year: 
Al Longworth

Chiefs’ Award: 
Jamie Mason

Firefighter of the Year:
  Cory Seeto

Firefighter Ham Dinner - 57th Year!

Recruit Graduation

The following nine recruits graduated from the 2013-2014 Firefighters Recruit Academy:

Richard Ascherl

Dan Clanton

Christina Dornner (awarded the Most Improved Recruit)

Tye England

Steel Henderson

Michael Kort

Christopher McGauley (awarded Top Recruit)

Ryan Schlecht

Tim Shepard

January 2014 - Burn to Learn

Another Successful Food & Toy Drive

Dozens of NLFR volunteers, families, and friends volunteered on Saturday morning, December 21st, to deliver a bit of Christmas cheer and hope.  The boxes of food contained everything needed for a holiday dinner, and a bit more.  Wrapped presents for the children were delivered along with the food to numerous families in our community.


A huge thank you to all involved with the delivery and all the many hours devoted to the collection of food and toys.  Firefighter David Bickerdyke was the chairman for the food drive and put in a lot of hours with this project.  Firefighter Marc McPherson was in charge of the toy drive this year, as well as making sure Santa was at quite a few events around town (he personally knows Santa!)


Coming Soon...Recruit Academy 2014

Applications for Volunteer Firefighters will be accepted beginning in March for the Fall 2014 Recruit Academy.  The Recruit Academy will begin in September and will meet on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, with an occasional weekend class.  The classes will end in January 2015.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer firefighter for North Lincoln Fire & Rescue, please contact us at 541-996-2233.  This is a great way to serve your community.


Lincoln County Firefighters Deployed

to Southern Oregon

Click here for news release

Left Photo:  Captain Jim Kusz, Firefighter Jeff Cutler,

Lt. Andrew McDonald and Captain Dave Clark


Right Photo:  Crews from North Lincoln Fire, Newport Fire,

Toledo Fire, Central Coast Fire, and Siuslaw Valley Fire



(Just Add Water Safety)

Beach Safety Guide


Click here for JAWS brochure or

contact North Lincoln Fire & Rescue for a printed copy.


Vehicle Fire & Search/Rescue Training

July 22, 2013 Monday Night Drill at Station 1600


Mass Casualty Drill Strengthens
Firefighters' Response

By the way, our "bus driver" who was deceased at the scene, has made a complete recovery!

No one wants a disaster to happen, but North Lincoln Fire & Rescue District #1 planned to have one on June 24, 2013.


Engines and crews were dispatched to a call: 

"school bus into a building"


When crews arrived on scene, they "sized-up" the scene and began the work of aiding the wounded and addressing the multiple hazards that were present.


Actor "victims" from Teen CERT and the community were made up with moulage make-up to resemble actual wounds.  The scenario was that the school bus driver suffered a heart attack while driving the bus with students inside.  One of the students attempted to steer the bus, but it crashed into "Jake's Auto Parts".  The crash caused downed power lines, a gas leak, a fire, etc.  There were many injured students.  There were also people in Jake's Auto Parts with injuries caused by the crash and the fire.


These drills, although difficult to coordinate, serve a very important function for our firefighters, giving them an intense training experience and greatly improving their skills.  Other scenario drills will take place in the near future.


We'd like to thank CERT, NW Natural Gas, Lincoln City Police & Dispatch, Pacific West Ambulance, Mid-Columbia School Bus, Reach Helicopter, and everyone else who participated in this drill.





To view information from Oregon Park & Recreation

Department (OPRD) about debris on the beaches

from the Japan Tsunami, 

click here.