NLFR Staff and Volunteers

North Lincoln Fire and Rescue is a combination, all-hazards department made up of 15 career Firefighters, 31 Volunteer Firefighters, 13 Support Volunteers, 5 Administrative Staff, and 2 Maintenance Technicians. NLFR staffs two of its six stations, Station 14 and Station 16, every single day with career firefighters. The Volunteer Firefighters help staff all stations during daily operations and during call-back for large incidents or when multiple calls happen. 

Being an all-hazards department, NLFR responds to all emergency and non-emergency calls within our district. This include major incidents like structure fire, car accidents, and cardiac arrests to minor incidents like lift assists and helping change smoke detector batteries. NLFR also responds to mutual aid calls within Lincoln and Tillamook Counties; these mutual aid requests tend to be large fires, complicated car accidents, or other large incidents

NLFR Career Staff and Volunteers hold multiple levels of EMS Licensure:

Career Staff
Paramedic: 9
EMT: 8
EMR: 2

Volunteer Staff
Paramedic: 3
EMT-I: 1
EMT: 3
EMR: 6